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our picture of the future of networking

This new concept offers huge benefits over Old-Technology Master Slave Software .

WebComm (new concept? no its based on existing Internet-Technology)

Instead of creating a complicated, centralized application which speaks to each device using specific device protocols, the devices are enabled to speak to us in a simple way.

WebComm enabling technology(and device protocol) is encapsulated into our products. A Webcomm enabler can be a hardware module or a software depending of the device: AET internal interfaces for A-Series inkjets. XET external interfaces for old generation inkjets(Codebox,Macrojet,Casecoders,Solos) and DDC2/3 laser markers. SET Webcomm enabling software for DSL & S_Series laser markers.

Each Webcomm enabled device contains a Web server. Access from the Intranet (corporate LAN) or the Internet (via Router/Firewall?/VPN) can easily and intuitively be done using not more than a Web browser. This is enough for simple applications(a few devices, single devices per line, message selection, text change).

Each Webcomm enabled device also contains a Web Browser. This enables the device to retrieve webpages from a webserver, containing commands(Should I change message?) and feeding back status(Ink low). Pre-Processing(page creation) and post-processing(status processing) can be easily done using existing webserver technology and tools(and without knowing any device protocol!) like Apache,mySQL,PHP,Perl. This is an adequate solution for multiple lines with many devices, status logging, product databases etc.


  • No special software needed for simple installations (Web browser sufficient), onle Webcomm enabled device.
  • No device protocol handling (and understanding)- All encapsulated inside Webcomm enablers
  • No requirement for bulky/complicated/expensive centralized control software
  • No danger of patent infringements: Webcomm uses here and now Internet technology
  • Only standard web-protocols (HTTP, TCP/IP, FTP) used. No special know how necessary other than using web browser or publishing text string on web page
  • Independent of operating system for server & control PC (Windows, Linux, Unix)
  • Independent of Browser used (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Konqueror)
  • Scalable to customer needs by selection of Web server (Apache, Sambar, IIS, PWS...) and programming environment.
  • All languages, programming environments and Applications that can be used to produce web-content can be used (Perl, PHP, C, C++, VB, VBA, Delphi, Access, Excel, Word....)

WebComm comes with its own WebComm Business Model

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