DomiNET RS-485 Networking
 DomiNET-MK2    Node box(Network interface) for Inkjets
 Dropcable      Cable Inkjet-MK2
 DomiNET-PC     PC-Card

Ethernet Networking

 AET Ethernet Interface       for A-Series
 XET Ethernet Interface       for old generation(Casecoder,Macrojet,Solo,Codebox),DDC2,DDC3 
 SET WebComm Enabler Software for S-Serie and DSL

Laser Software

 SET      WebComm Enabler Software for S-Series and DSL
 LRC      Siemens S7 Interface software for DGM
 LRCS     Siemens S7 Interface software for DSL
 LRCS-MS  Master Slave Software
 LRCS-BCS Barcode Select Software
 LRCS-PC5 PC software to control 5 Lasers 
 LRCS-SMP Simple Userinterface 
 LRCS-SNC Synchronized serial numbering
 LRCS-PRX Serial number proxy
 Echo-FiltEcho Filter software

Laser Hardware

 DGM-RDY-OC  DGM Ready Optocoupler
 LCXUP       Laser Extended Userport
 LCCX        Laser Controller Companion Firewall, external version

Special Applications

 Watchdog  Filler/Seamer ID
 AXF-Megg  Inkjet Interface for mechanical MOBA egg-graders

Inkjet Accessories

 PDO     Print done optocoupler
 SPS-OC  Optocoupler(also PNP convertor)
 SPS-UD  Unidirectional Print
 SPS-GA  Gated Print
 SPS-MU  Multiplicator
 AET-PPC Printer Protocol Converter(A-Series)
 XET-PPC Printer Protocol Converter(C-Series)
 AET-BCS Barcode Reader Interface

 AXF-XX  A-Series Extended Function PCB (planned)
 AAT     A-Series Application Terminal

PC Software

 Janus Gateway Software  Control marking devices using DDE
 OCC-Edit                Layout edit software
 BM-Edit                 Logo Editor

Servers and Appliances

 LCCX             Pocket Firewall
 FW-IPCOP?         IPCop based Firewall

 APP-RSCENTER     Remote Service Center
 APP-FILTER?       P2P traffic filter
 APP-PSERVER?      Printer server